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21st Annual Wild West Relay

Fri August 2 - Sat August 3, 2024 Fort Collins, CO 80524 US

Volunteer Info

Thank you for volunteering for a run.Colorado Relay! Your participation as race marshals in the event should be an enjoyable experience. Only with the performance of the various duties by race marshals will this event be a success.

Volunteers and/or their team Captains will be able to select their assignment online, starting June 7, 2024 by clicking on the Volunteer Sign Up tab on this race website. A volunteer must register in the Volunteer Sign Up tab to be able to select their assignment. The process is first come, first serve basis. A Volunteer must sign up use a unique email address as they will be signing a waiver and important communication will be gong out to Volunteers leading up to the relay. A Volunteer will also be answering two important questions regarding their 1) T-shirt size; 2) If they are a non-profit or team volunteer and what non-profit or team they are associated with. Volunteer sign up goes live June 7, 2024 and it will also be announced in advance via email to the team captains and to the volunteers that are in the database.


  • Volunteers must be over the age of 14. If under the age of 16, the volunteer MUST be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • Time requirement - volunteers will work one shift that is between 4 - 6 hours, but not to exceed 6 hours.
  • Volunteers need to be flexible. As the relay route is two hundred miles long, a volunteer's assignment could be anywhere along the route. And as the relay lasts two days, the volunteer's shift could be anytime during that time.
  • Volunteer assignments can be picked online shortly after registration closes three weeks before race day.
  • Any volunteers who are late will cause their team to receive a time penalty; if any volunteers fail to show up for their assigned duties, their team will be immediately disqualified.

The 200-mile course is divided into 36 segments called Legs. At the end of each leg is an Exchange. Each team has six or twelve runners that run the route in rotation. Each team's current runner runs a leg to the next exchange before handing a baton to the next runner in the Runner Exchange Zone. On a team of twelve, each runner runs three legs. A 6-person, or Ultra team, can either run one leg each in rotation (6x1) or run 6 legs each in rotation like a 12-person team (6x6).

Volunteers are stationed at Exchanges to act as Race Marshals, and to perform the following duties:

  • Record Exchange Times on Exchange Time Records
  • Announce the team number of the incoming runner
  • Ensure a safe race by keeping runners and vehicles separated, and a fair race by monitoring for rule violations
  • Assist drivers into Exchanges to reduce vehicle congestion


12-person teams divide into two groups with six runners in each van. This allows six team members to rest in Resting Vans while the Active Vans have runners on the course. Every sixth Exchange (6, 12, 18, 24, 30) is also a Van Exchange. At Van Exchanges, the last runner in one van hands the baton to the first runner in the next van (Runner 6 hands to Runner 7 or Runner 12 hands to Runner 1).

Active Vans drive to the exchange ahead of incoming runners to prepare outgoing runners. To reduce congestion, only each team's Active Van may wait for their incoming runner at a Runner Exchange. Active and Resting Vans may park in Van Exchanges where there will be extra volunteers to handle the additional traffic.


The race start is staggered over seven hours to spread out the runners. Team members may not congregate near Runner Exchange Areas. Only outgoing runners and the Team Timer are allowed near Runner Exchange Areas.


The 35 Exchanges are grouped into six Zones. Zone Monitors will greet and check in volunteers at the exchange, assist with setting up the Exchanges, give volunteers their t-shirts, and answer any questions.


Since there will not be any road closures, traffic control or aid stations, participants must obey the State's Traffic Laws. Volunteers may not direct traffic.

Volunteers are expected to treat the participants with respect, volunteers should expect to be treated with respect by the participants. If any volunteer is subject to any form of abuse - physical or verbal - please alert the race director immediately and it will be taken care of.

Please follow any requests from property owners.

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